What we should do to  revive UTL

If I was in charge of UTL and I read this, first I would laugh so hard and crack jokes about it because it is so hilarious, then I would go and implement. I would even take this man to coffee and “we see where it goes”

The Wilderness Years

My first suggestion is the best. Don’t. Don’t do it. Let that cadaver continue to rot in whatever sector, stratum or suburb of hell it was assigned to by our just God and do not resuscitate. It died. Let it stay dead.

Do not give government another business. Giving government a business to run is like giving me high heels to walk around in Komamboga– Every time that happens they get ruined. I don’t know if it is my bowlegs or the fact that I tend to walk with this weird off-axis, broken-rhythm shuffle that makes the GPS wonder if I am trying a new despacito-influenced form of jabba, but every time my girl lends me her high heels I ruin them. Deformed in the front and shattered in the back. Shapeless and broken.

She has learned not to repeat the mistakes of the past. That is why she left…

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